Long heritage across several industries

Our history is industrially rooted and we have been involved in all parts of the value chain. We feel comfortable working in both B2B or B2C environments.

Our experience across several industries with full value chain coverage has generated a generic understanding of how to develop companies. Therefore, we do not limit our investment focus to certain industries as our approach is thematic.

Over time we have built experience within growth, innovation and operations in a global context. We know how important it is for the long term and sustainable development of companies to create value for customers and fulfillment for consumers - every day.

This takes a structured approach to continuous improvement of operations, disciplined identification of customers value creation and consumer needs fulfillment supported by efficient innovation processes. 

In essence, we are industrial minded and when we get involved in a company, we do it with a genuine interest in building better companies - long term with respect for the history and culture in the companies. We believe a focus on building better companies goes well hand in hand with creating satisfactory return on invested capital.