Motus Nordic Holding (Niels Burcharth)

Industry: Conveyor belts and high speed doors for clients within industry, logistics and transportation as well as public authorities
Ownership: August 2021
Shareholding: 88%

Turnover: 70 mio. DKK
Employees: 25
Headoffice: Horsens


Strategic acquisitions:
February 2022, Bøgeris Transportbånd A/S
June 2022, Rampe Sluse Teknik

September 2023, Klovborg Maskinfabrik A/S
December 2023, NTO A/S

Niels Burchart was founded in 1892 and has over the years reached a position as one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of solutions within conveyor belts and high speed doors.

Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S

Industry: Supplier to global wind energy OEM’s and wind turbine asset owners
Ownership: June 2021
Shareholding: 90%

Turnover: 150 mio. DKK
Employees: 25
Headoffice: Randers, Denmark

Strategic acquisitions:
January 2022, NOS A/S
December 2022, MPASIA

Grene WIS is as an integrator in the global supply chain by solving complex sourcing tasks for large OEM’s within renewable energy and energy companies.

Flex Wind ApS

Industry: Installation and maintenance services to global wind energy OEM’s and wind turbine asset owners
Ownership: June 2021
Shareholding: 55%

Turnover: 160 mio. DKK
Employees: 160
Headquarter: Give, Denmark. Subsidiaries in Poland, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa.

Flex Wind was originally founded by enthusiasts with very long and successful track record working with installation, service and maintenance of wind turbines. Flex Wind works with global OEM’s and asset owners and provides it services in most parts of the world through a base of highly skilled technicians.

Future Food

Industry: Food
Ownership: March 2021
Shareholding: 61%

Turnover: 200 mio. DKK
Employees: 100
Headoffice: Haderslev, Denmark. Production facilities in Bindslev and Haderslev, Denmark

Future Food develops and manufacturers a wide range of meat and plant based products including ready made dishes for retail chains, food service operators and multinational brand owners. In addition, Future Food also holds its own brands like Hanegal®. Future Food is one of the leading Danish food companies developing and manufacturing organic meat and plant-based foods without additives.


Industry: Sustainable raslysis solutions for the liquid processing industry (e.g dairies, blood plasma, industrial fermentation)
Ownership: March 2022
Shareholding: 17.7%

Employees: 45
Headquarter: Aalborg, Denmark

Lyras was founded in 2017 after several years of thorough research and development. Lyras was established based on the desire to prove that there are less resource-intensive alternatives to pasteurization. The development of Lyras’ patented raslysis technology makes it possible to treat most liquid products that would otherwise have to be pasteurized in a way that significantly reduces electricity and water consumption, increases the uptime in the processes and is more gentle to the product material.


Industry: Development and sourcing of fibers for use in a wide range of textiles, non-woven products as well as furniture, pillows and duvets.
Ownership: July 2022
Shareholding: 55%

Revenue: 500 mio. DKK
Employees: 14
Headoffice: Vejle, Denmark

Strategic partnership:
July 2023, Pond Global A/S

Fiberpartner is a Danish consultant and supplier of textile fibers with a mission to make the polyester industry more sustainable. Fiberpartner is in 36 countries as a trusted advisor and link between international fiber producers and manufacturers of everything from duvets and pillows to hygiene items, felt, wet wipes etc.

For Emma

Industry: Food
Ownership: September, 2022
Ownership: 80%

Turnover: 5 million DKK
Number of employees: 8
Head office: Vejle, Denmark. Stores in Vejle, Aarhus, and Copenhagen

Description: The idea of ​​For Emma started in 2010, when Helle’s daughter Emma was diagnosed with celiac disease. The selection of gluten-free bread was poor, so Helle baked it herself. The products were a huge success and thus begins the story of the gluten-free and lactose-free bakery: For Emma.

Cercare Medical A/S

Industry: Healthcare
Ownership: July 2023
Ownership: 7,24%

Head office: Aarhus, Denmark

Cercare Medical is a medical software company founded in 2013 as a spin-out of the Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience at Aarhus University, Denmark. They develop advanced perfusion software providing medical healthcare professionals significantly more detailed MR and CT images.