Fiberpartner ApS enters into exclusive partnership

6. July 2023

Fiberpartner ApS enters into exclusive partnership with Pond Global A/S on bio-based plastic for the development, production, and marketing of staple fibers.

Fiberpartner, a leading player in polyester fibers, has entered the partnership with Pond Global for the use of their bio-based Pond Cycle©, which replaces fossil polyester. The agreement is an important step towards more environmentally friendly solutions within the staple fiber industry.

Staple fibers are used in a wide range of products, including nonwovens, which are used for the production of for instance, nappies, mouthwashes, and wet wipes, as well as filling for pillows and duvets and not least as binding fibers. With Pond Cycle©, Fiberpartner will be able to offer a bio-based alternative to traditional polyester fibers. Some of the advantages of Pond Cycle© are a greatly reduced CO2 footprint, easier and more efficient recycling, and biodegradability.

Founder and CEO of Fiberpartner, Thomas Wittrup, states: “The exclusive partnership with Pond Global strengthens our position and allows us to deliver sustainable and innovative products to our customers.”

So far, Fiberpartner has primarily sold polyester fibers, a significant part of which comes from recycled PET bottles. Three years ago, Fiberpartner began developing and selling fibers that are degraded in nature by microorganisms using the additive PrimaLoft® Bio™. The partnership with Pond Global adds a new and important milestone for Fiberpartner in their continued efforts to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions, which goes well with the company’s PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers.

Fiberpartner’s collaboration with Pond Global will help meet the demand for environmentally friendly fibers that can replace traditional polyester fibers. By utilizing Pond Global’s technology, Fiberpartner will be able to develop and produce high quality bio-based and biodegradable staple fibers that are in line with the company’s sustainability strategy.

CEO and co-founder Thomas Brorsen Pedersen (Pond Global A/S), shakes hands when concluding the agreement with Fiberpartner ApS' CEO, Thomas Wittrup. On the far left is Øjvind Hulgaard and on the far right is Martin Jensen (both from Pond Global A/S).