Motus Nordic stronger after new acquisition

11. October 2023

As part of the overall strategy, on 31 August 2023 Motus Nordic acquires the majority holding of Klovborg Maskinfabrik, located near Horsens. Industrial and logistics companies have an ongoing focus on developing efficiency and productivity through automation and digitization. Motus Nordic already contributes to this development as a value-creating supplier to, among others, industrial and logistics companies in the Nordic region.
With the acquisition of Klovborg Maskinfabrik, a manufacturer of conveyor systems for multiple industries, Motus Nordic expands further its portfolio of relevant products and services that move products and people safely and efficiently through production and logistics chains.
The acquisition of the majority holding of Klovborg Maskinfabrik fits perfectly into Motus Nordic’s strategy to become a full-service partner for industrial and logistics companies when creating safe and efficient flow in processes.

“At Klovborg Maskinfabrik, they pay tribute to flexibility and efficiency, and are ready to assist their customers should the need arise. That mentality matches our DNA and culture and fits into our mission to always move products and people safely and efficiently. With the purchase of the majority holding of Klovborg Maskinfabrik, we can continue our strategic direction and at the same time offer our customers even better and broader solutions to support the ongoing development of their competitiveness”, states Nicolai Hansen, CEO at Motus Nordic.

A competent continuation of Klovborg Maskinfabrik

The purchase of Klovborg Maskinfabrik also helps to ensure a successful generational change, where the current owners in the coming three years will continue as part of the ownership group with a minor owner’s share. “It was important for us to enter into an ownership with a Danish company very similar to our own and with the same company culture, and we have succeeded. We continue with the same good employees, products, and customers, but we believe that Klovborg Maskinfabrik under Motus Nordic management can be streamlined and optimized further and thus provide even better solutions”, says Ole Højgård, CEO at Klovborg Maskinfabrik.
Motus Nordic too believes that the new acquisition will bring many opportunities in the future. “We are excited that we have been given the opportunity to acquire Klovborg Maskinfabrik, and together with the founders we look forward to further developing the strong platform they have created during the past 25 years, for the benefit of both existing and new customers”, concludes Nicolai Hansen.

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Nicolai Hansen, CEO Motus Nordic A/S

Søren Birn, CEO Bagger-Sørensen Equity

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