Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S has acquired 55% of the ownership shares in Fiberpartner ApS

5. June 2022

The company is now owned by Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S, Wittrup & Wittrup ApS and a senior employee. Fiberpartner’s founder and CEO, Thomas Wittrup, will continue as CEO, and Fiberpartner will continue to execute on the strategy and global mission to make polyester more sustainable.

Fiberpartner has strong competencies in the development and sourcing of fibers for use in many types of textiles, non-woven products (eg nappies and sanitary napkins) as well as furniture, pillows and duvets. Based on an organization with strong competencies, Fiberpartner runs its business all over the world. In 2021, Fiberpartner sold over 50,000 tons of fiber to customers in markets around the world.

Fiberpartner develops and sells biodegradable textiles via a global licensing agreement with PrimaLoft®, USA, and thus contributes to reducing the more than DKK 3.6 million. tons of textiles that today end up as textile waste.

Thomas Wittrup, CEO and co-owner, says: “It is my hope that Fiberpartner with the new ownership structure can continue the positive change of the textile industry that is already underway. I look forward to helping our customers with the right sustainable solutions and thereby be able to help reduce plastic pollution in the world”.

Søren Birn, CEO of Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S says: “We have for a long time been in a very constructive dialogue with Thomas Wittrup about strategy and plans for the future development of Fiberpartner. We are impressed by the development that Thomas and the Fiberpartner organization have achieved in recent years, and not least by the opportunities that an active participation in increasing the sustainability of the fibers that are part of so many products used daily by consumers worldwide, provide for the company’s continued growth. We look forward to working with the Fiberpartner team to help develop Fiberpartner into an even stronger and more competent company.

Questions should be directed to:
Thomas Wittrup, CEO, Fiberpartner ApS,tel. 2025 6509
Søren Birn, CEO, Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S, tel. 2269 8397

Fiberpartner, which is based in Vejle, is a Danish consultant and supplier of textile fibers with a mission to make the polyester industry more sustainable. The company is in 36 countries as a trusted advisor and liaison between international fiber manufacturers and manufacturers of everything from duvets and pillows to hygiene items, felt and wet wipes.

Thomas Wittrup, CEO of Fiberpartner and Claus Bagger-Sørensen, chairman of Bagger-Sørensen Equity signed the deal on July 1st, 2022.